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Are you going from Constanta to Timisoara? You must be very patient if you choose ground transportation. It will take you a long time to get there by car or train. The roads are crowded and long, and the trains are uncomfortable.

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Constanta is the capital of Constanta county. It is one of the oldest attested cities on the territory of Romania, dating from 657 BC.

From Constanta you can easily reach all the resorts on the Romanian coast.

But if you are in Constanta, you can go see the Casino, the most famous Art Nouveau building. Located on the seafront, the building recalls the days when it was the luxury destination of the European aristocracy from the turn of the century. From here, you can take the cable car that connects the Casino and Perla Hotel, a 2.1 km route.

The Romanian coastline has a total length of 245 kilometers, but more than half of its length is dominated by the Danube Delta and the coastal lakes.

The Danube Delta is the best-preserved delta in Europe, part of the UNESCO World Heritage, being considered a biosphere reserve. The delta has an amazing biodiversity, almost 5,500 species, of which 1,839 are plants. The largest compact reed area in the world is found here, with an area of 1,750 km². Letea Forest is one of the oldest nature reserves in Romania and the northernmost subtropical forest in the world. The landscape here is special, where clumps of forest alternate with sand dunes, once formed on the bottom of the sea. Oak trees predominate, some of them over 300 years old. The small land surface has caused the concentration of a fauna mainly represented by fish, amphibians, reptiles, and birds in the Delta. There are no less than 331 species of birds here, with pelicans being the emblem of the Delta. Over 50% of Europe's bird species are found in the Delta.

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