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There can be many reasons to go to Cluj - music festivals, vacations, studies, and business meetings. Who knows? If, at some point, the roads lead you there, avoid them as much as you can and choose to fly. Yes, that means flying from Constanta to Cluj. It is possible to fly domestically and it is worth it. If you choose Air Connect for a flight on Constanta - Cluj-Napoca route, you benefit not only from comfort and safety but also from very good ticket prices and a short travel time. 

Constanta - Cluj-Napoca plane tickets - choose to fly to Cluj

With Air Connect you can reach important areas of Romania, by plane, in a significantly shorter time than if you took your car or the train. Moreover, speed is an essential characteristic of air transport.

As a regional airline, Air Connect gives you the choice of where to fly. Check the destinations on the website and book a flight for your next trip. You can find travel information, flight schedules, and other useful information about the flights available on the Constanta - Cluj Napoca route and beyond, on our website. Get your ticket and consider flying every time you need to cross the country from one end to the other.

Visit Cluj-Napoca

Cluj-Napoca is the capital city of Cluj County, being one of the most important academic, cultural, industrial, and business centers in Romania.

Students represent a third of Cluj's population, turning it into a lively city. Be sure to find pubs with all kinds of music, nightclubs, restaurants with a variety of cuisine, museums, theaters, and many promenades.

Cluj hosts numerous music festivals, including Untold, Electric Castle, Transylvania Jazz Festival, which attract many fans of rock, reggae, hip hop, trap, electronic music, indie, or jazz.

What you can visit:

  • Romulus Vuia National Ethnographic Park is an open-air museum, located near the Hoia Forest. Here you can explore homesteads and monuments of folk architecture, craft workshops, fountains, gates, trinkets, and interior textiles.
  • The reeds from Sic are a natural reserve, a protected area located in the meadow of Vaii Fizesului. The area is special, with swamps, lakes, reed vegetation and rushes, where you will find numerous species of birds.
  • Lake Belis was developed for hydropower purposes, the area around the lake is gorgeous, being a relaxation destination, where you can fish, go boating, sunbathe or walk through the surrounding forests.
  • The Botanical Garden, which covers an area of 14 hectares, has as its main attractions the Japanese garden, the Roman garden, the greenhouses with tropical and equatorial plants.

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