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Bucharest - Baia Mare - direct flight to the North of the country

Air Connect flights are fast, safe, and comfortable and take you to key regions of the country - Sibiu, Cluj, Timisoara, and even outside it, in Hungary. And if the roads take you a second time to the North, but not to Baia Mare, there are routes connecting the capital with Suceava: Bucharest - Suceava flights and Suceava - Bucharest flights.

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Visit Baia Mare

Baia Mare is the capital of Maramures County. The city is located in the Baia Mare depression, at the foot of the Gutai Mountains. The most important mining centers of the county are around the city of Baia Mare. The region is known not only for underground riches, but also for the surroundings that give the place a special beauty.

If you are in Baia Mare, you must take a ride on the Mocanita, a train that runs on narrow lines, which has a steam locomotive. The Mocanita from Valea Vaserului was inaugurated in 1933 and has one of the longest routes (56 kilometers), passing through mountain areas with dreamy views.

You can also visit the Barsana Monastery in Barsana, with its spectacular architecture. The entire construction is made of wood, the height of the church being 57 meters. The paintings inside are made on pieces of textile materials, fixed to the walls, and then covered with a layer of lime, dating from 1806.

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