How do I book my support service if I am physically disabled?

If you need special assistance, you can book the service online when you make the flight booking or add it after, but no later than 48 hours before departure. The service is complimentary.

We provide special assistance before, during and after the flight, for:

  • people with hearing or visual impairments or with cognitive disabilities
  • people who need/ use a wheelchair
  • elderly people who need guidance

If you are travelling with your own battery-powered wheelchair, please let us know in advance so we can check whether this battery may be carried on an aircraft, for safety reasons.

What do I have to consider when taking an assistance dog with me?

You can bring your service dog into the cabin with you free of charge, provided it is certified, and you let us know you will be traveling with an assistance dog at least 48 hours before the flight and present the valid documents for it at the airport.

To ensure a safe and comfortable flight, your dog must be trained to be obedient to your commands and must behave appropriately in a public space (no barking, growling, or jumping up at people or other animals).

Your dog must fit in the foot space of your seat, must be kept on a leash and must be muzzled.

Under what conditions can I travel if I am pregnant?

If the pregnancy has been without complications and with just one baby, you can fly until the 38th week.

If you are between 35 and 38 weeks of pregnancy, you need a medical certificate issued within 10 days before the date of travel stating:

  • the estimated date of delivery
  • confirming that pregnancy is without complications
  • that you can travel by plane
  • the complete name and telephone number of the doctor.

Expectant mothers of twins or more can travel without any medical report up to 28 weeks. If the pregnancy is between 28-32 weeks, you must provide the medical certificate. After week 32, you cannot fly.